Discover Jordan

With tumultuous neighbors like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel, the country of Jordan is one of the most visited countries in the Middle East. With less political turmoil and friendly engaging Bedouin culture, Jordan is the perfect place to experience Middle Eastern hospitality.

Over one million foreign tourists flock to Jordan each year to see Petra, one of the Seven “New” Wonders of the World. Petra is a city carved entirely out of a mountain and the Petra Treasury Building is simply stunning. Another quintessential Jordan experience is a trip to the Wadi Rum Desert. Much like the American Southwest, Wadi Rum contains brilliant sandstone formations, petroglyphs and other archeological sites. Lastly, the Dead Sea is another popular Jordan destination; floating in the saline waters of the Dead Sea is a unique experience to have while visiting Jordan.

A trip to Jordan is a must for any traveler who enjoys experiencing new cultures, new landscapes, and a plethora of historic sites.