Discover the United States

Due to the significant size of the United States, an array of landscapes, terrain and scenery can be found. Deserts, mountains, plains and coasts make up the breathtaking scenery in America. From dynamic cities to wide open spaces, there’s truly something for every type of traveler in the United States.

The fifty United States are split into regions: Northeast, South, Midwest and West. Each state and region have diverse landscapes and distinctive characteristics. Planning a trip to the U.S. might seem daunting and know that it’s impossible to explore every region during just one trip, that would take a lifetime!

What I love about traveling in the United States is the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, the joys of experiencing all four seasons and being immersed in cultures from all over the world.

Lake Erie Wine Country

Lake Erie Wine Country

Lake Erie Wine Country consists of the largest grape-growing region east of the Rocky Mountains. Over 30,000 acres of vineyards and 24 wineries are...

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